Spiros Ampatielos is a professional wedding photographer who has a personal laboratory on the island of Cephalonia where he was born and grew up. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, he has captured many weddings, baptisms, spaces and events. His love, talent and constant training through photography seminars in Venice, Athens and other parts in the world, make his look unique.

Each photograph narrates its own story and all together can tell the whole story of a special day, as a wedding day or day of baptism. Apart from wedding and baptism photoshootings, Spiros Ampatielos also undertakes professional photoshootings of hotels, villas, fashion shows, corporate and other events. 

The wedding photographer Spiros Ampatielos in Cephalonia,

undertakes the coverage of the special day, having many years of experience and a special look.

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The wedding photographer Spyros Ampatielos in Cephalonia, considers each of his works as a personal affair. This fact plays a key role in the result of the photoshooting too. Each click captures special moments of happiness. Each couple is unique. Each marriage or baptism has different requirements. The professional photos of this kind are quite different and require a special perception and expertise.

The stars of every wedding or baptism are no other than the persons that participate in this unique celebration. The aim of the photographer is to depict spontaneously all emotions and capture them with the help of his camera lens. By participating in your own story from the beginning to the end, always with new ideas, such as the prewedding photoshooting, the creation of a digital album, a video clip or even the photoshooting after the day of the ceremony, it is certain that he will offer to you exactly what you desire, so that you can remember this day forever. Contact us for any information you need or to book an appointment for a personal conversation, at the laboratory of the photographer in Argostoli, Cephalonia.


The wedding photographer Spiros Ampatielos in Cephalonia, captures your special day with unique expertise, experience and aesthetics.


The wedding photographer Spiros Ampatielos in Cephalonia, is by your side on the day of baptism of your child too, offering a perfect result!


Contact the photographer Spiros Ampatielos in Cephalonia for professional photographs of every kind.