The basic principle of the photographer Spiros Ampatielos is the realistic recording of the day and not a staged and fake result. Being able to fully understand, thanks to his experience, the fact that the most beautiful photo frames are the most real ones, he depicts naturally this day of celebration.

For all of you that the recording of this special moment is something unique and you search for a golden balance in your contact with the photographer of your wedding, Spiros Ampatielos, having more than 20 years of experience, promises you a perfect result. From the preparation of the wedding, to the wedding reception after the ceremony in the church, he will always be at your side, recording, frame by frame, the unique character of these moments.

The photographer composes a complete story and presents it to you: From the pre-wedding shots, that can be presented in the most beautiful way, that is through a digital or fine art wedding guest book, until the next day shooting, or even through the creation of a video clip! 

Equipped with all the modern means, such as high definition digital cameras and state-of-the-art video cameras, your photographer offers you a unique experience, always at an affordable cost. Digital albums, music video clips and processed frames. Everything is depicted on the lens. The awkwardness in the smile of the groom while waiting for the bride, the eyes of the guests while wholeheartedly wishing the best, the hugs, kisses and emotion.

Live this unforgettable experience with the use of high quality services that include:

  • Professional photoshooting of the wedding
  • Creation of a video
  • Digital album
  • Guest book

Dina & Charis

Thanos & Florentia

Peggy & Andreas

Alena & Nail

Sergey & Svetlana

Eva & Ilias

Giannis & Georgia