The wedding photographer Spiros Ampatielos in Cephalonia, is by your side on the day of baptism of your child too, offering a perfect result! !

The day of baptism of your child is not only a religious ceremony, but also a special moment. An occasion for celebration! The photographer Spiros Ampatielos is always there, recording with his camera every moment and depicting the emotions, smiles, laughter and hugs. The most important day of your baby deserves to be properly captured, by the hands of an experienced professional.During all the day, the photographer takes care even of the slightest detail. A high definition and aesthetics photoshooting, a high definition video, the creation of a digital album and commemorative postcards. Finally, if you wish, there is the option of photoshooting of your baby, while wearing their baptism clothes, at the professional studio of the photographer, in Argostoli, Cephalonia.Live this unforgettable experience with the use of high quality services that include:
  • Professional photoshooting of the baptism
  • Creation of a video
  • Digital album
  • Guest book

Anastasia's Baptism

Triantaffylia's Baptism

Alexander's Baptism

Konstantina's Baptism

Eirini's Baptism