Spiros Ampatielos, with many years of experience and a constant presence in the domain of photography, undertakes professional photoshootings of:

  • Hotels and Lodges
  • Residences
  • Villas
  • Fashion Shows
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Professional Spaces, etc. 

Using specialized lighting techniques and having advanced technology equipment, the photographer can present a perfect result, depicting the textures, the details and the way natural light embraces a space. The photoshootings of this type are addressed to owners of tourist facilities, architects, brokers and professionals who desire the perfect recording of the space through a professional lens.

Contact Spiros Ampatielos even for photoshootings of: menus and lists, models, cloth collections and everything that has to do with a professional presentation. Offer to your business the promotion it deserves, investing in a professional photoshooting that will help you attract even more customers. Contact the laboratory of the photographer in Cephalonia for any required information. 

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